ESP12e oled "smartwatch", honestly it's a wrist display ;)

Recently I bought two ESP12e, wanted to see how those IoT things work. One thing I know for sure, they don’t tolerate 12V 1A ;) yep fired one by accident … I left with one working, trying to figure out what should I build with it. In the meantime was wondering should I by a smartwatch, do I really need one? What would I use it for etc… then start googling about it, check some stores at net, overall research. At the end I thought, I don’t really need one, but wait … maybe I’ll build my own “smartwatch”, took ESP12e out from my drawer. I does not have any fancy features like mp3 player, accelerometer, gps .., it’s an oled display connected to ESP12e with charging circuit and FT232R for PC communication. It has two buttons, one bright red led connected to ESP12e used for urgent notify, also two for TP4056 charger circuit (red and green). Esp12e is configured as an access point with WPA2.”


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