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So here’s something a bit Nerdy, A Pokémon-themed Pocket Weather Station made by using custom PCBs and 3D Printed parts.

An ESP8266 Board is being used to drive the display and it was made to look like a Pokedex from the pokemon series.

This Weather Station pulls data from a weather website, and OLED Screen Displays data on it.

It has a Lithium battery inside so we can carry it around, to turn this device ON, we use the slide switch which is on the main circuit.

This Instructables is gonna be about the whole built process so let’s get started.

Following were the materials used in this built-

- Custom PCB
- ESP8266 NodeMCU Board
- OLED DISPLAY 0.96 inch
- 3,7V LIPO Cell with PCM Soldered onboard
- Header Pins for ESP8266
- 5mm LED
- 1K Resistor
- IN5399 Diode
- USB Micro Port THT
- Slide switch
- Battery JST connector”

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