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An efficient and most useful CLC Plotter using old printer machines. CLC Plotter is A graphics printer that draws images with pens. Plotters actually draw point-to-point lines directly from vector graphics files. The plotter was the first computer output device that could print graphics as well as accommodate full-size engineering and architectural drawings. Using multiple colored pens, plotters were also able to print in color long before inkjet printers became an alternative.

Here we are building one that is easy and low cost to build.

1) Old Printer 2-Nos
2)Aluminum Frame
3)Arduino Uno R3
4)CNC Shield V3
5)A4988 Stepper motor Driver 2-Nos
6)Servo motor SG90
6)Plastic Box
7)12v charging Socket
8)USB socket 2-Nos
9)Nut Bolt 8-Nos

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