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Today, I would like to share how to build a 3 axis CNC machine at home using available or discarded materials. Specifically in this project, I reused 2 old DC servo motors and 2 wooden wine boxes, as well as, taking advantage of my daughter’s unused school supplies.

The main materials are used in this project:

1pcs x Big Wooden Wine Box, dimension W x L x H x T: 350 x 400 x 80 x 8mm.
1pcs x Small Wooden Wine Box, dimension W x L x H x T: 220 x 340 x 100 x 10mm.
1pcs x Arduino Uno R3.
1pcs x Arduino Mega 2560.
1pcs x Arduino CNC Shield V3 GRBL.
1pcs x Stepper Motor Driver A4988.
1pcs x Arduino L293D Motor Shield.
2pcs x DC Servo Motor NISCA NF5475E.
1pcs x Old CD/DVD Rom Player Drive.
2pcs x 50 mm L Stepper Motor Support.
2pcs x GT2 6mm Closed Timing Belt 200mm.
2pcs x GT2 Timing Pulley 60 Teeth.
4pcs x Round Bar Shaft Rod Diameter 8mm, Length 400mm.
2pcs x T8 Lead Screw 2mm Pitch, 8mm Lead , Length 400mm with Copper Nut.
1pcs x Aluminum Flexible Shaft Coupling, Inner Hole Size: 10mm x 10mm. It is used to clamp the pen/ pencil.
12pcs x Horizontal Ball Bearing Bracket.
4pcs x Vertical Ball Bearing Bracket.
2pcs x F608ZZ Ball Flanged Shielded Bearings 8 x 22 x 7mm.
1pcs x Single/ Double Sided Printed Prototyping Board.
2pcs x 2.54mm Pitch 40 Long Pin Single Stackable Shield Female Header.
2pcs x Male & Female 40 Pin 2.54mm Header.
1pcs x Power Supply 12VDC – 10A.
1pcs x Power Supply 5VDC – 5A.
3pcs x 5mm DC Jack Male Connector.
1pcs x 5mm DC Jack Female Connector.
2 meter x 8P Rainbow Ribbon Cable.
2pcs x Clear/White Acrylic, size A4, thickness 5mm.
1pcs x Black and White Board 2 in 1, A4 Size for Kids. It is used for Y axis plotting surface in my case.
8pcs x Copper Brass Pillars L-10mm.
16pcs x Small Size Neodymium Magnets.
2pcs x Threaded Rod Hangers and Nuts M10 x 500mm. I used threaded bolt to reinforce my CNC frame.
Some small cable ties, cable spiral wrap, M3/M4 bolts and nuts, some kind of steel supports.

Drilling machine with drill bit hole 20mm.
Soldering machine.”

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