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In this Instructable, I’ll show you how to create a completely functional 3D-printed writing machine for your science fair project at school or college. This project was created as part of my second-year engineering project at Gujarat’s Chandubhai S. Patel Institute of Technology (CSPIT). I also make this video for my YouTube channel “Creativity Buzz”.

To design this writing instrument, I used Autodesk Fusion 360. There are many different kinds of writing robots, but in this lesson, I create a corexy writing machine. Making use of this will teach you everything there is to know about this writing robot.

All of the 3D printed parts are attached stages in the .stl file. You can download this and edit it in Autodesk Fusion 360 as necessary.


There are three types of products need to make this Writing Machine.

1) Electrical Materials

- 3D Printer
- Computer
- Arduino Uno (1 pc)
- CNC Shield V3 Expansion board (1 pc)
- A4988 Stepper Motor Driver (2 pcs)
- Nema 17 Stepper Motor ( 2 pcs)
- SG90 Servo Motor (1 pc )
- 12 Volt 2 A Adapter
- 2 pin Short Jumper ( 6 pcs )

2) Hardware Materials

- 8 mm Threaded Rod 42 cm long and Nut (2 pcs)
- 8 mm Plain Steel Rod 35 cm long (2 pcs)
- 8 mm Plain Steel Rod 27.5 cm long (2 pcs)
- 6mm Plain Steel Rod 6.5 cm long (2 pcs)
- 7mm Spring @ 20 Rs (1 pc)
- LM8UU Slider bearing (8 pcs)
- LM6UU Slider bearing (2 pcs)
- 623ZZ 10x4x3 mm bearing (10 pcs)
- Stepper motor Pulley GT2 (2 pcs)
- GT2 6mm Belt 2 meter
- 3mm + Nut and Bolt ( 16mm , 40 mm length )

3) Software

- Autodesk Fusion 360 ( We use this software to design 3d .stl parts to use in 3d printer to make plastic parts )
- Ultimate cura ( We use this software for slice .stl file to gcode for use in 3d printer )
- Arduino IDE ( For Install corexy Firmware to Arduino Uno )
- Inkscape version 0.92 ( For make gcode file for writing or drawing or photo to use in universal gcode sender)
- Universal gcode sender ( Import gcode file which exported from Inkscape and give command to writing machine)”

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