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15 Years of Radio Data Reveals Evidence of Space-Time Murmur

A first-of-its-kind integrated optical isolator

A new access to the universe

Amazon Echo Pop Turned Into 1960-ish Science Fiction Talking Computer Terminal V

AMD Introduces World’s Largest FPGA-Based Adaptive SoC for Emulation and Prototyping

An I2C Matrix Keypad

Angle Measurement Kit2Go V

Approach for creating precision quantum defects enables quantum applications

Astronomers find first evidence for new class of gravitational waves which could unveil origin of the Universe

Automatic irrigation and plant watering system

BeaglePlay + NodeRed

Building robust optical structures made of darkness

Building your own Motion Detecting Messenger

Chemists develop new method for water splitting

Computer vision system marries image recognition and generation

DIY Simple GU81 Tube Hybrid Amplifier (130 Watts RMS in a Class) V

Electrochemical device captures carbon dioxide at the flick of a switch V

EPFL spin-off closes the loop on PET recycling

ESPboy Walkie-Talkie module V

Graphene photodetector shows unprecedented speed

How to Make a Small Desk Clock With Weather Station

How to Monitor and Manage MPP Solar Inverter

Improved AD9833 Function Generator

Interface DS1307 RTC Module With Arduino Display Date/Time on OLED

IoT: Internet of Tunnel using RiotOS and ESP32

Laser Billiards Made Possible Thanks to ITMO Researchers

Linux Kernel 6.4 Released: Embracing Apple M2, New Hardware, and More Rust Code

Mini Retro TV

NASA to Provide Coverage for Launch of ESA ‘Dark Universe’ Mission

NASA’s Roman and ESA’s Euclid Will Team Up to Investigate Dark Energy

New 3D‑printing method builds structures with two metals

New Driver for Shapes of Small Quark-Gluon Plasma Drops?

New MLCommons Results Highlight Impressive Competitive AI Gains for Intel

New single-photon Raman lidar is practical for underwater applications

New type of computer memory could greatly reduce energy use and improve performance

NIST ‘Toggle Switch’ Can Help Quantum Computers Cut Through the Noise

Nordic Semiconductor launches multi-function nPM1300 Power Management IC with unique system management features plus associated Evaluation Kit

NUS researchers develop first-ever wooden robotic gripper that is driven by moisture, temperature and lighting

Remotely Query Sensor Data via SMS

Renesas Introduces Industry’s First Client Clock Driver and Gen 3 RCD to Enable Demanding DDR5 Client and Server DIMMs

ROOM TEMP Meter with Arduino Nano and AHT10 V

Scientists edge toward scalable quantum simulations on a photonic chip

Silicone raspberry used to train harvesting robots V

STMicroelectronics’ galvanically isolated high-side switches with diagnostics control and protect industrial loads

STMicroelectronics’ integrated high-voltage driver shrinks and simplifies high-performance ultrasound scanners

STMicroelectronics’ STM32 USB PD microcontrollers now support UCSI specification to accelerate Type-C Power Delivery adoption

Surprise! Weaker bonds can make polymers stronger

This planet survived a death sentence – and astronomers don’t know how V

This Self-Driving Boat Maps Underwater Terrain V

Toshiba Introduces ARM® Cortex®-M3 Microcontrollers “TXZ+™ Family Advanced Class” with 1MB Code Flash Memory Supporting Firmware Updates without Interrupting Microcontroller Operation

Toshiba Releases 100V N-Channel Power MOSFET That Supports Miniaturization of Power Supply Circuits

Towards Efficient Lithium–Air Batteries with Solution Plasma-Based Synthesis of Perovskite Hydroxide Catalysts

Unlocking the future of computing: The Analog Iterative Machine’s lightning-fast approach to optimization

UNO R4: The new dimension of making V

Water Leakage Detection System

A new mathematical “blueprint” is accelerating fusion device development

Advanced ESP32 Internet Weather Station with 5 day Forecast V

ATtiny13 DIY Electronics Earrings V


Azure Quantum Elements aims to compress 250 years of chemistry into the next 25 V

Battery-powered Wireless Tetris Console Pair V


BLE-to-Ethernet central with RP2040/W5100S V

Breakthrough innovation could solve temperature issues for source-gated transistors and lead to low-cost, flexible displays

Build a Path-Following, Self-Driving Vehicle Using an Arduino Portenta H7 and Computer Vision

Clean, sustainable fuels made ‘from thin air’ and plastic waste

Combining Twistronics with Spintronics Could Be the Next Giant Leap in Quantum Electronics

Connected rainwater collector

Connecting the small and the large scales

Connecting to the Internet with Raspberry Pi Pico W

Creating superconducting circuits

Digital Protractor V

Direct Photons Point to Positive Gluon Polarization

Einstein and Euler put to the test at the edge of the Universe

Electric Vehicle Charge Robot Lite V

ESP-32 Based 8x8x8 RGB LED Cube


IlluminateSky - Luminous Umbrella V

Intel Labs Introduces AI Diffusion Model, Generates 360-Degree Images from Text Prompts

Laser Security Alarm V

Lasers enable internet backbone via satellite

Micron UFS 4.0 Mobile Storage Built on 232-Layer 3D NAND Delivers Industry’s Fastest Performance for Smartphones

Model Rocket Launch Controller Handheld

Nanomaterials: 3D Printing of Glass without Sintering

Navigating underground with cosmic-ray muons

NeoPixel / OLED clock with NTP

New Device Opens Door to Storing Quantum Information as Sound Waves

New electro-thermal rocket to boost satellite positioning and servicing in space

New Era of Exoplanet Discovery Begins with Images of ‘Jupiter’s Younger Sibling’

New technique in error-prone quantum computing makes classical computers sweat

Nexperia broadens package options for its NextPower 80/100 V MOSFET portfolio

Open-source software to speed up quantum research

Penn State researchers use ultrasound to control orientation of small particles

Perovskite solar cells invented by NUS scientists set new world record for power conversion efficiency

Photonic integration: Transforming the future of chip-scale applications

Physicists discover a new switch for superconductivity

Qualcomm Launches New Satellite IoT Solutions to Provide Uninterrupted Remote Monitoring and Asset Tracking

Remoteduino Nano V

Researcher 3D prints world’s smallest wineglass with new method

Researchers demonstrate direct comparison of spin-squeezed optical lattice clocks at 10^-17

Researchers develop a new source of quantum light

Researchers make major strides toward an all-purpose biosensor chip

Schrödinger’s cat makes better qubits

Scientists demonstrate terahertz wave camera can capture 3D images of microscopic world in major breakthrough

Star Wars Inspired DIY Volumetric Display V

Stellar demolition derby births powerful gamma-ray burst

STMicroelectronics adds lossless image compression and information sharing in TouchGFX UI design software for STM32 microcontrollers

STMicroelectronics reveals integrated hot-swap and ideal-diode controller for automotive safety-critical applications up to ASIL-D

Stripboard Oscilloscope

Superconducting quantum circuits take a cold bath

Ultra Small Ethernet + RP2040 Board Production Record

Unraveling connections between the brain and gut

Ventbot, a DIY Home HVAC Vent Booster: Warm Side Cool, Cool Side Warm

Webb Rules Out Thick Carbon Dioxide Atmosphere for Rocky Exoplanet

With Trapped Waves, Researchers Resolve a Longstanding Debate

Agricultural IoT With LoRaWAN and 8-Bit

Arduino-controlled 832 MAX7219 Dot Matrix LED Display

Arduino Cyclone Game (Strip Led): Step by Step V

Astronomers Discover Supernova Explosion Through Rare ‘Cosmic Magnifying Glasses’ V

BIOS POST Code Reader with the Raspberry Pi Pico V

Black Swan V2.0

CityU researchers invent a low-temperature synthesis method for high-quality tellurium nanomesh for next-generation electronics

CRIUS Wireless Sound Reactive RGB LED PANEL (WS2812b)

Cubesats: how you can be involved in space exploration without spending millions

Custom Uninterruptable Power Supply: Full Design With Prototypes

Debian 12 bookworm released

DIY Homework Writing Machine V

Electronic Puzzle Cube

ESP32-C3 Wireless Adventure: A Comprehensive Guide to IoT

HackSpace magazine #67

High-performing alloy developed to help harness fusion energy

IBM Quantum Computer Demonstrates Next Step Towards Moving Beyond Classical Supercomputing V

Improving Word Intelligibility of Bone-Conducted Speech Using Bone-Conduction Headphones

LHCb tightens precision on key measurements of matter–antimatter asymmetry

LoRa powered solar PV monitoring system with Blues &Qubitro

Low-cost USB Sniffer (LS/FS/HS) with Wireshark interface

Metamaterials with built-in frustration have mechanical memory V

MIT engineers develop a soft, printable, metal-free electrode

Mori3: A Polygon Shapeshifting Robot for Space Travel V

NASA Cassini Data Reveals Building Block for Life in Enceladus’ Ocean

NASA’s Curiosity Captures Martian Morning, Afternoon in New ‘Postcard’

New Cesium Atomic Clock Provides Autonomous Precise Time of 100 ns Holdover for Months

New functionality: Bluetooth for Pico W

New Material Transforms Light, Creating New Possibilities for Sensors

Nordic Semiconductor expands nRF70 Series with nRF7001 Wi-Fi 6 Companion IC for cost-optimized designs

Pan and Tilt Camera With ESP32-CAM L0Cost Robot Controller

Powder-filled wires for highly customizable alloys

Preparing for the next era of neutrino research

Quantum interference of light: an anomalous phenomenon found

Quantum materials: electron spin measured for the first time

R2D2 Alarm Clock & Timer V

Raspberry Pi Pico and L298N Motor Driver

Researchers demonstrate noise-free communication with structured light

Smart Dust Bin with RiotOS and ESP-32 v3

TCS3472 RGB Light Color Sensor With Arduino

The MagPi 130

Tiny device mimics human vision and memory abilities

Toshiba Launches Motor Driver ICs with Small Package and Reduced External Parts that Save Space on Circuit Boards

Ultrafast and tunable Terahertz-to-visible light conversion for future telecommunications

Ultrashort light pulses shaped like a spring toy bring a new twist in photonics

When all details matter - Heat Transport in Energy Materials

ZX81 Mechanical Keyboard

3D scans shed new light on mysterious Roman burial practice

5G Radios Shrink With NXP’s New Top-Side Cooling For RF Power

ArduPad - A DIY macropad based on ATmega328P

Ba2LuAlO5: A New Proton Conductor for Next-Generation Fuel Cells

Brightest Cosmic Explosion Ever Detected Had Other Unique Features V


Commenced Commercialization of a Biosensor That Uses a Solid-Electrolyte Thin-Film Transistor - Simultaneous Detection of Multiple Nucleic Acids and Pathogens in a Short Time

Connect Four Game V

Digging deep into quantum materials

DIY Arduino Holographic Matrix Clock V

Finally solved! The great mystery of quantized vortex motion

In a First, Caltech’s Space Solar Power Demonstrator Wirelessly Transmits Power in Space V

Intel Announces Intel Arc Pro A60 and Pro A60M GPUs

IoT Garden Watering With Arduino ESP32 & Openweathermap

Iron Man Arc Reactor Clock V

Irrigation System V

Megawatt electrical motor designed by MIT engineers could help electrify aviation

Microchip Slashes Time to Innovation with Industry’s Most Power-Efficient Mid-Range FPGA Industrial Edge Stack, More Core Library IP and Conversion Tools

New study could help unlock ‘game-changing’ batteries for electric vehicles and aviation

Physicists discover an exotic material made of bosons

PowerVia Test Shows Industry-Leading Performance

Programmable Sticky Note: Desktop Scrolling LED Display V

Quantum Computers Are Better at Guessing, New Study Demonstrates

Resolving a Mathematical Puzzle in Quarks and Gluons in Nuclear Matter

Robot ‘chef’ learns to recreate recipes from watching food videos V

Rotating Moon Lamp V

Samsung’s Exynos Auto V920 To Power Hyundai Motor’s Next-Generation In-Vehicle Infotainment Systems

SHINE shines a light on neutrino beams

SK hynix Begins Mass Production of Industry’s Highest 238-Layer 4D NAND

Smart in-memory light sensors perform image recognition V

The Remote-Controlled Proximity Sensor

Tilt Detection Using MPU-6050 & Arduino Nano V

Tiny gold particles can help harness energy from the sun to break down pollution

Why – and How – NASA Gives a Name to Every Spot It Studies on Mars V

XIAO Home Automation Board

A more effective way to train machines for uncertain, real-world situations

A Nanocrystal Shines On and Off Indefinitely

Absolute vs. relative efficiency: How efficient are blue LEDs, actually?

Ankle exosuit for community walking aims to give post-stroke wearers more independence V

Arduino Audio Analyzer V

Arduino Connect4 Game- Human vs Microcontroller V

Automating Everything In A USB Cable Tester PCB Design

Binary Code to ASCII Letters Teaching Game

California Senate passes ‘Right to Repair Act’

Camera NanoTank V

CAN Bus on the ATMEGA4808 DEV PCB

Canon develops quantum dot OLED materials without rare metals

Charting the course to 100,000 qubits V

China begins drilling a 10-kilometer-deep hole in Earth’s crust

China launches Shenzhou-16 mission to Chinese space station

Crucial Unleashes World’s Fastest Gen5 Consumer NVMe SSD and Plug-and-Play High-Performance DRAM Options for Gamers, Creatives and Professionals

Developing a “personal trainer” using TinyML

Enhancing Hand Gesture Recognition Utilizing the PAJ7620 Sensor and Arduino

Extracting a clean fuel from water

Forging a dream material with semiconductor quantum dots

Functional 2D-enabled microchips become reality

How to build Arduino Laser Morse Code Decoder V

How to Make Minimalistic Smart Curtains V

Hydrogen battery: Storing hydrogen in coal may help power clean energy economy

ITMO Scientists Suggest New Method to Make More Adaptive and Autonomous Robots V

Light On Game

Los Alamos National Laboratory researchers design new artificial synapses for neuromorphic computing

Make a Mesmerizing Light Pattern Clock by Upcycling an Old Clock and CD

NASA Pursues Lunar Terrain Vehicle Services for Artemis Missions

Neodymium Angle Encoder V

New 3D printing technique ready to advance manufacturing

New 3D stretchable electronics can advance organ-on-chip technology

New ‘designer’ titanium alloys made using 3D printing

New tool helps people choose the right method for evaluating AI models

Newborn baby inspires sensor design that simulates human touch

Novel solar desalination system for remote areas

NXP’s New, Secure, Energy-Efficient i.MX 91 Family Expands Linux Capabilities for Thousands of Edge Applications

Particle Photon 2 based temperature and humidity monitor

Pretty Small Robot V

Producing large, clean 2D materials made easy: just KISS

Renesas Expands Market-Leading Motor Control Embedded Processing Portfolio with Over 35 New MCUs

Researchers built an analogue computer that uses water waves to forecast the chaotic future V


Sewage treatment plant V

SK hynix Enters Industry’s First Compatibility Validation Process for 1bnm DDR5 Server DRAM

Software offers new way to listen for signals from the stars

STMicroelectronics’ octal high-side switches feature protection and diagnostics in space-saving footprint

Supercomputer simulations provide a better picture of the Sun’s magnetic field

Team Develops New “Attacker” Device to Improve Autonomous Car Safety

Technology advance lays groundwork for OCT eye imaging at home

The Gothenburg Skyline Badge | Security Fest

There oughta be a bullet time video booth V

Tiny quantum electronic vortexes in superconductors can circulate in ways not seen before

TinyML Made Easy: KeyWord Spotting (KWS) V

Turning a circle into a square is possible with this kirigami-inspired formula

Understanding the Tantalizing Benefits of Tantalum for Improved Quantum Processors

Wi-Fi Monitor and Deauth Detector with D1 mini

With light into the nanoworld V