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A less ambitious attempt at making a small robot.

It’s not tiny, or micro, but it is pretty small.

Tried to keep it as simple as possible. The chassis is 3d printed apart from two bearings that are also required. The general assembly philosophy adopted for this robot was “clips good, glue bad”. So everything just clips or slides into place, including the motors, battery, bearings, and PCB.

The PCB is an ESP32-s2 which has usb dfu support so in theory when the board arrives I can just plug in straight in and flash micropython to it.

It also has an smd wifi antenna (just to the left of the car symbol) so I’ll be able to remote control things via wifi if all goes to plan.

I’ve also got a lipo charger built in so it can just drive around till it runs out of battery then plug in the USB-C to charge up and go again.”

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