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Particle Photon 2 based temperature and humidity monitor

A simple temperature and humidity monitor based on the Particle Photon 2.

In this project we will build a simple temperature and humidity monitor with the Particle Photon 2. We will also learn how you can remotely log and monitor this data with the Particle console.

The Particle Photon 2 is build on the Feather form-factor which allows for easy prototyping using the Adafruit FeatherWing ecosystem. We will use a FeatherWing Doubler to add an OLED display. This display board has an onboard QWIIC connector which we will use to plug in the SHT40 temperature/humidity sensor.

The Photon 2 talks to the display and the sensor over the I2C bus. The only soldering you’ll need to so is to solder the female headers on the FeatherWing Doubler. Rest of the build is plug-n-play.”

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