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Currently, we are chasing an invisible monster named Corona Virus ( COVID-19 ) and we are going through the biggest health crisis in our time due to a sharp increase in infection cases. One of the main symptoms of the COVID-19 infected person is an increase in body temperature, in addition to other symptoms such as pain in the body, difficulty in breathing.
It is very essential to monitor continuously the body temperature to detect a corona patient at a very early stage so that proper medication may be taken for fast recovery.
The normal IR thermometer can measure the temperature of a covid patient and also may spread the virus. The main drawback of the handheld thermometer is its performance depends on the operator and the distance to the forehead. To address these problems, a device is made that can be mounted on the wall for fever screening in public areas without an operator. The hardware can measure human body temperature automatically when the distance between the sensor and forehead is adequate.

Components Required

1. Arduino Nano
2. GY-906 Temperature Sensor
3. OLED Display
4. Infrared Proximity Sensor
5. TP4056 Charger Module
6. 18650 Battery
7. 18650 Battery Holder
8. 5 V DC-DC Step-Up Converter
9. Rocker Switch -15 × 21 mm
10. 5 mm Green LED
11. 5 mm RED LED
12. 2 x 330 Ohm Resistors
13. Piezo Buzzer
14. Prototype Board
15. Header Pins
16. 22 AWG Wires
17. Jumper Wires

Tools Used:

1. Soldering Iron
2. Wire Cutter
3. Wire Stripper
4. 3D Printer
5. Hot Air Blower”

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