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How to Make an Arduino-Based Copper Wire Winding Machine

Need some copper wire wound? Then why not check out this amazing Arduino-based copper wire winding machine.

No longer will you need to do this laborious task by hand. Just let the power of Arduino do the heavy lifting for you.

Like most projects of this nature, you’ll need a few basic tools (listed below), and some other bits and bobs to get the job done.

We have included links to some of the products in case you need to buy them:

Main components:

1/8 inch (3mm)) thick acrylic sheet
3/8 inch (10mm) thick MDF board
7/16 inch (12mm) thick wooden board
1 no. scrap DVD drive
1/8 inch (3mm) shaft
13/16 inch (20mm) steel rod
3/16 inch (5mm) threaded rods
Dupont ribbon cable
1 no. 9V DC motor
1 no. 0.96 OLED display
1 no. rotary encoder
1 no. IR sensor
26 AWG copper wire
Rubber belt
Various 3D printed gears and wool spools, etc
3 no. 693 zz ball bearings
2 no. NEMA 17 stepper motor
1 no. custom PCB board (or just use a sandwich board and connector wiring)
2 no. A4988 stepper driver
1 no. Arduino Nano
1 no. L293D 16-pin IC stepper motor driver controller
M6 X 40 bolts
Various bolts and nuts and acorn cap nuts. “

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