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Hi all and welcome to my very first instructable! In this step by step guide, you will learn how to create your very own ultraviolet sterilization device that can be used as either a wand, or as an automatic sterilization chamber. The device, called the UVClean, uses a special UVC bulb that can sterilize nonporous surfaces in a matter of minutes.

Features include:
- Sturdy and ergonomic design
- Genuine 253.7nm 3.5W UVC bulb
- Bi-color OLED display
- Passcode protected interface
- Comprehensive menu system
- Continuous handheld mode, and automatic timer mode

IMPORTANT EDITS: I did not know this would blow up so much, but thank you to everyone who has taken a look! I have a few important updates to say based on some thing I have been seeing in the comments.

1) Build this device at your own risk, a lot of people have a lot of things to say about UV safety, and I am certainly not an expert. I will try to answer some questions about it, but at the end of the day you should do some good research on the safety precautions that is required for UV exposure before you decide to build this device.

2) This device is in fact a sanitizer, not a sterilizer. Sanitizing is the process of removing most organisms from a surface 99.9%, while sterilizing is the process of removing ALL organisms from a surface. This device is not medical grade, and it should not be perceived as such.

3) I will be testing the effectiveness of the device soon. To do this I will be growing some bacteria cultures and exposing them to my device for varying amounts of time. I will then observe the growth of the bacteria to see how effective this device is at eliminating them. I will be sure to post pictures and videos of this experiment on my instagram and on this instructable in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

WARNING: This device emits UVC radiation, which is harmful to human skin and eyes. Proper UV protective goggles and full body skin coverings must be used when testing the bulb circuit, and when operating the device in handheld mode. This device must not be operated in the presence of any animals or unprotected humans. As a safety measure, a passcode must be entered to arm the device, so as to prevent unauthorized users from turning the bulb on.

All CAD, code, and circuit diagrams were originally created by me in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. If any of you have any suggestions to make it better, or if you want to make any modifications of your own, please do so and let me know all about it! If you do decide to make one, please send me a picture of it!”

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