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In this instructable I will show how to reproduce four arcade like games - Tetris - Snake - Breakout - Bomber - using an ESP32, with the output for a VGA monitor.
The resolution is 320 x 200 pixels, in 8 colors. I have previously done a version with an Arduino Uno (see here), but the resolution was only 120 x 60 pixels, 4 colors, and the Arduino memory was almost full. Thanks to the greater performances of the ESP32, both resolution and playability are higher. Furthermore, there is still plenty of memory available, thus adding new games in the future will be straightforward.
I will also show hot to connect a simple joystick trough a RS232 cable. I am using the same pinout of the Commodore 64 one.
This project is made possible by the awesome ESP32 VGA library written by Fabrizio Di Vittorio. See here for more details.”

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