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This instructables show how to use a tiny sweet box to make a NES console.
TTGO T7 v1.3
1.54” ST7789 IPS LCD
Lipo 303040
MAX98357 I2S DAC audio breakout board
1018 mm speaker_
Thin Prototype PCB
_Four 6.2
6.25 mm Tactile Switches_
_Two 12
124.3 mm Tactile Switches_
_Four 6
3.5*5 mm Tactile Switches

MINTIA is a multi favor tablet produced by Asahi Group Food, Ltd. in Japan since 1996. The sweet box design make it very easy to take one and only one tablet out when put off the cover, you can see the demo video how it works. MINTIA is very popular in Japan, it even have many 3rd parties tailor-made leather case for MINTIA.

The sweet box is very thin and the tablet outlet is very fit for the micro USB plug. MINTIA is over 20 years old, micro USB plug not yet born at that time! What a coincident!

4 years ago, I would like to squeeze all electronic components in it to find out how much it can be. This is the 3rd projects I built on MINTIA sweet box.”

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