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Vegetable Assassin

Vegetable Assassin is a web-based game where players slice virtual vegetables with an internet-connected foam sword. The sword communicates orientation information to the game session using a persistent WebSocket connection to a server, the game is generated and rendered using a 3D client JavaScript library, and game statistics are saved into a server database.

Game Details
The game draws heavy inspiration from the game Fruit Ninja by Halfbrick Studios. Vegetable Assassin is played by launching the game website from a web browser, which displays various fruit vegetables as they are thrown into the air. Players are tasked with cutting all of them with a foam sword that is tracked by an onboard micro-controller and inertial measurement unit (IMU). But beware! Some vegetables are not vegetables at all, but fruits trying to disguise themselves! Players gain points for cutting vegetables, get a strike if they miss a vegetable, and lose if they accidentally cut a fruit.”

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