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A fun pong ball toggle game system.

I developed a fun interfacing game project using Arduino components, including a 128x160 display and joystick that simulates the classic game of pong ball. I decided to try out this project after getting my hands on a TFT ST7735 LCD Display, which allows one to create interactive graphics in a display with colour. This project helped me get acquainted with the Adafruit graphic library packages and play around with game development with embedded systems.

The display functions as a viewport for a simple 2D pong ball game that can be operated with a joystick. Using the Adafruit graphics library, a ball is drawn that moves across the viewport bouncing around the edges. A paddle resides near the bottom of the display, which deflects the moving object in the opposite direction when in contact with the ball. The Joystick can control the paddle movement in the X direction.”

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