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Fan of football but like to play air hockey? Air football is the perfect combination for you!

As a part of my exchange programme in Creative Design & Technology at Saxion University in the Netherlands, I created an Air Football. The product is a result of project on 8 weeks, and I chose to make my showcase as a complete DIY tutorial which ended up in this post.

The project’s purpose was to extend both creative and technical skills which I did by ex. researching, ideating, developing concepts, user testing, learning SolidWorks, learning how to work with a Nextion display, and furthermore extending my skills in 3D printing, laser cutting, programming in Arduino IDE, and much more.

The product has still place for improvement. An example of this is the usage of delay in the Arduino code which caused that the light show and animation can’t be displayed simultaneously.

If you know how to solve an issue like this or have think about other things that can be improved, you’re more than welcome to comment suggestions, solutions or use the post as a base for your own project/product post.”

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