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Pong was the start of a new ear. Though it was not the first video game ever invented, it is certainly the one that is credited with starting the video game craze. Its first appearance at a consumer level was with the release of the Magnavox Odyssey in 1972. The Odyssey shipped 12 different games on the console, but Table Tennis (pong) was by far the most popular of them. Later, the concept of video table tennis was refined by Atari into the version we all know and love and given it’s new name pong. I have had a slight obsession with this game for a few years. Ive had the idea of recreating the game using a simple LED matrix. The idea seemed like it would be a lot of fun to build. I wanted to build it in a way where it pays tribute to its roots while putting my own spin on it.

Parts List

- 16X 10k ohm resistor
- 128 X 3v 5mm leds
- 2X rotary encoders
- 3X SN74Hc595 shift registers
- 1X arduino nano
- 1X arduino uno (used in early prototyping not in finale build)
- 1X 5V power adapter
- 1X female power jack
- 4X 4-40X1” screw
- 2X 4-40X5/8 screw
- 10X 4/40 nuts
- 2X #6x 1/4” wood screws
- ribbon cable (I got my ribbon cable from old computers)
- Thin gage wire (i get mine from old eather net cables)
- 26X header pins
- 1X PCB
- 3d printing filament (I used black PLA+ from esun and gray from hatchbox but the brand really doesn’t matter)

Tools that I use

this is just what i used by by no mean are these exact brands required

- soldering iron
- screw driver set
- 3d printers”

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