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3D Printed Berlin Uhr

5.1 channel analog audio processor V

A faster experiment to find and study topological materials

A laser that could ‘reshape the landscape of integrated photonics’

A traveler from the edge of the Solar System

An Entangled Matter-Wave Interferometer: Now With Double the Spookiness!

Arduino hearing test device - Audiometer V

As XRISM Prepares To Launch, What Might The Telescope Reveal About The Largest Structures In Our Universe?

ATX Power Supply Panel

Autonomous Arduino-weather station on two AA batteries

Batteries without critical raw materials

Building with nanoparticles, from the bottom up

Complementary filter and relative orientation with MPU9250

Confining Classical And Quantum Waves With Crystals

DIY 4 channel Bi-directional Logic Level Converter (3v-5v)

DIY Solid State Relay module V

Engineers light the way to bionics of the future

ESP WiFi Spy Microphone (ESP32 and ESP8266)

ESP32 Blynk FreeRTOS

Face-Following Carousel

From batteries to water purifiers, carbon nanotubes are where it’s at

“Grätzel” solar cells achieve a new record

How Do You Solve a Problem Like a Proton? You Smash It to Smithereens – Then Build It Back Together With Machine Learning

Large Hadron Collider achieves project milestone

Magnetic sensors track muscle length

New approach to ‘cosmic magnet’ manufacturing could reduce reliance on rare earths in low-carbon technologies

New data transmission record

New hybrid structures could pave the way to more stable quantum computers

NUS researchers devise revolutionary technique to generate hydrogen more efficiently from water

NXP and German Aerospace Center DLR Collaborate on Quantum Computing Technologies in Germany

onsemi Redefines Brushless DC Motor Control with ecoSpin Family

Precisely focused light: Compact and flexible fiber design ensures efficient focusing and razor-sharp images thanks to 3D printing

Rare Earth Elements Synthesis Confirmed in Neutron Star Mergers

Read a ZX81 keyboard with Arduinos and build things with it

Robots That Can Feel Cloth Layers May One Day Help With Laundry

Simple machine may pave the way for more powerful cell phones and WIFI V

Sleep environment monitor

Smart Metering Platform Available on 32-bit MCU Product Family Equipped with an MPL460 PLC Modem

Tapping into seawater’s energetic potential

Tentacle robot can gently grasp fragile objects V

The MagPi 123

The Next Wonder Semiconductor

TinyML Package Monitor

University of Chicago scientists discover material that can be made like a plastic but conducts like metal

UvA grants license on fast 3D-printing with sub-micrometre detail

A Machine Learning-Based Solution Could Help Firefighters Circumvent Deadly Backdrafts

AI answers the call for quail information

AI predicts physics of future fault slip in laboratory earthquakes

Arduino based WiFi mobile robotic arm with on-board camera V

Artificial intelligence powers record-breaking all-in-one miniature spectrometers

Bringing photocatalysis from laboratory to industry

Build a UV Level Monitoring Budgie - Using IoT and Weather Data APIs

Build an advanced Euro­pean quan­tum inter­net ecosys­tem

Can Robots and Humans Co-exist in Public? UT Campus Study Will Offer Answers

Canonical releases Ubuntu 22.10 Kinetic Kudu

Cipherbox V3.0

CityU chemists boost eco-friendly battery performance using catalysts with unconventional phase nanostructures

Clean-tech startup Quino Energy launches to create grid-scale battery infrastructure for greater use of wind and solar power

Cleveland Clinic and IBM Begin Installation of IBM Quantum System One

Cnc pen plotter

Custom 16x8 Ws2812 Matrix Project

Cyclotron Clock V

Deep learning with light

DIY Vibration sensor using OP-AMP

ESP32-S Development Board

Fast-as-lightning 3D Microprinting with Two Lasers

HackSpace magazine #60

How to Make a 12V LED Breathing Light V

How to use ADC On Raspberry Pi Pico using MicroPython

Intel Leads Industry with Next-Generation Thunderbolt

James Webb Space Telescope Uncovers Massive Galaxy Cluster Surrounding a Powerful Red Quasar

Light-driven molecular swing

Make a Weather Station Using Environmental Sensor V

Method for decoding asteroid interiors could help aim asteroid-deflecting missions

MIT engineers develop sensors for face masks that help gauge fit V

NASA Telescope Takes 12-Year Time-Lapse Movie of Entire Sky V

NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover Reaches Long-Awaited Salty Region

New Arm-Based PIC Microcontrollers Create an Easier Way to Add Bluetooth Low Energy Connectivity

New Laboratory To Explore The Quantum Mysteries Of Nuclear Materials

New Study Unveils Vertically Oriented 2D Ruddlesden–Popper Phase Perovskite Passivation Layer for Efficient and Stable Inverted PSCs

New way to make telescope mirrors could sharpen our view of the universe

NXP OrangeBox Unifies Automotive Wireless Connectivity into a Single Domain Controller to Simplify Development and Security

Our brains use quantum computation

Physicists Discover New Isotope Actinium-204

RC Car with laser turret! V

Reprogrammable materials selectively self-assemble V

Rethinking the Computer Chip in the Age of AI

Samsung Electronics Introduces Industry’s Fastest LPDDR5X DRAM at 8.5Gbps

Skin and hair in 3D

Small and flexible synchronous buck controller from STMicroelectronics handles extreme step-down ratios

‘Smart Plastic’ Material is Step Forward Toward Soft, Flexible Robotics and Electronics

SpaceX launches 54 Starlink more satellites, lands rocket in 100th mission from Florida pad V

Thinnest ferroelectric material ever paves the way for new energy-efficient devices

Toshiba Announces 20TB MG10 Series Hard Disk Drives

US opts to not rebuild renowned Puerto Rico telescope

Using Rotary Encoders with Arduino interrupts V

VESA Releases DisplayPort 2.1 Specification

VINCA Reader

Watching lithium in real time could improve performance of EV battery materials

Why NASA Is Trying to Crash Land on Mars V


A new process to build 2D materials made possible by quantum calculations

Analumi_Clock V3

Arduino Riddle Word Book Lock Box

Arduino Synthesizer

Autopilot for sailing boats (NEW! - Version 2)

Boosting Performance with Programmable Processing

Designing and Building a PIC32 Video Game

Digging deep V

DIY Arduino Due TEA5767 FM Radio V

Eptaora V

ESnet Launches Next-Generation Network to Enhance Collaborative Science

Film Camera Tester


LED Pong V

Lowcost Wireless Rocket Launcher V

Machine Learning Powered Color Detector (On Any Microcontroller!)

MacTempTosh Version 2 With ADT7420 Sensor V

Making quantum computers more accurate

Microsoft open sources its ‘farm of the future’ toolkit

New measurements quantifying qudits provide glimpse of quantum future

New system designs nanomaterials that conduct heat in specific ways

Optical foundations illuminated by quantum light

Physicists use ‘electron correlations’ to control topological materials

Power Time Logger for Arduino UNO

Radio Frequency power detector “sniffer”)

Research Aims to Help Semiconductor Industry Make Computing Less of an Energy Hog

Researchers develop automatic drawing machine for making paper-based metamaterials

Researchers Unveil Mystery Inside Li- O2 Batteries

SBC Model Framework

Seeing electron movement at fastest speed ever could help unlock next-level quantum computing

Spooky Scary Skeleton V

Spotify & NeoPixel Controller

Stanford exoskeleton walks out into the real world V

Star Duo Forms ‘Fingerprint’ in Space, NASA’s Webb Finds V

Talking Bingo computer

The 10 Euro IoT Computer With ESP 8266

The ROTAforMI: a RObotic TAble for Microscopy

Tiny particles work together to do big things V

USB Power Isolator

WIFI Control Car Arduino Concept | Internet of Things

With morphing limbs, a robot that travels by land and water V

80-year-old Mystery in Static Electricity Finally Solved

A robot made of sticks

Astronomers find a “cataclysmic” pair of stars with the shortest orbit yet

Bioplastics made of bacteria to reduce plastic waste in oceans

Boron Nitride with a Twist Could Lead to New Way to Make Qubits

Computationally Predicting Where the Wear Will Occur in Engines

Custom Trombone Kazoo Controller for Trombone Champ V

DIY Home Automation Intruder Alarm System! V

DIY Weather Station With ESP32 V

Ello Lc1

Engineers develop a new kind of shape-memory material

Exploring the Plasma Loading Mechanism of Radio Jets Launched from Black Holes

Fluidic circuits add analog options for controlling soft robots V

For the longest time: quantum computing engineers set new standard in silicon chip performance V

Highly integrated ultrasound transmitter from STMicroelectronics boosts image quality and shrinks form factor of handheld scanners

Home Automation system with ESP32 using Blynk 2.0 | IoT

How Biomimetics Helps Scientists Create Materials With New Properties

Instantaneous ultrafast pulse, forever optical information

Intel Hits Key Milestone in Quantum Chip Production Research

Learning on the edge

Linux Kernel 6.0 Released, This is What’s New

LOL Clock

Long-awaited common charger for mobile devices will be a reality in 2024

Low cost Outdoor Air Quality Monitoring System

NASA’s Juno Gets Highest-Resolution Close-Up of Jupiter’s Moon Europa

Neural net computing in water

New Algorithms Help Four-Legged Robots Run in the Wild V

New light for shaping electron beams

Nexperia Bolsters its Range of CFP Power Diodes

Next-generation NFC chip from STMicroelectronics eases certification of digital car-key systems

NIST’s Superconducting Hardware Could Scale Up Brain-Inspired Computing

Process converts polyethylene bags, plastics to polymer building blocks

Rare electrical recordings from within the human brain give new picture of neural activity

Raspberry PICO Nixie Clock Lcd V

RatPack : Wearable Technology for the African Giant Pouched Rat

Reading MPU9250 sensors with Arduino

Researchers fabricate tiny multi-component beam shaper directly onto optical fiber

Samsung Electronics Unveils Plans for 1.4nm Process Technology and Investment for Production Capacity at Samsung Foundry Forum 2022

Scientists crack upcycling plastics to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, advancing a recent Science study

Shortcut Keyboard V

Simulating neutron behavior in nuclear reactors V

STMicroelectronics enables quieter cabins for the electric-vehicle age with advanced vibration sensor to eliminate road noise

Taking salt out of the water equation V

Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveils prototype humanoid Optimus robot V

The Battery that Runs 630 km on a Single Charge

What is the T-COMPUTER? V

Windows 98 Wrist Watch V