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Hello and welcome back.
So this is MacTempTosh version 2, a mini Macintosh 128K Look-like Temperature Meter that displays the current room temperature using the ADT7420-based Seeed Grove Module.

Its previous version featured a similar setup but the temperature sensor was different so I swapped out the temperature sensor and made a few minor changes to the body and made Version 2.

This Instructables is about how easy it is to use the ADT7420 Sensor and how to prepare a simple temperature meter with it so let’s get started.

Following are the materials used in this built-

- Seeed Grove Module ADT7420 Temperature Sensor
- ESP32 Generic Board
- Arduino Nano
- Breadboard
- SSD1306 OLED Screen
- 3D Printed parts
- jumper wires
- IP5303 Boost Module
- Lithium-ion Cell”

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