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On a daily basis, people use weather forecasts to determine what to wear on a given day or to plan travel or events

However, it only tells temperature in a relatively large range. Sometimes we need environmental parameters in a specific place like a fishpond, greenhouse, an open field, etc. Here I want to know the exact temperatures during a day on my terrace. So I decide to make a weather monitoring station that outputs the real-time data I need.

I got this environmental sensor from DFRobot that can measure temperature, humidity, pressure, ambient light, and UV, which is well suitable for this project.

This summer is much hotter than previous ones, and many places got record-breaking temperatures of over 40℃. For the sake of convenience, I add a UART fiber optic transceiver module in the project for data transmission, so I don’t need to go outside to view data all the time.


- ESP32-E IoT Microcontroller ×2
- Gravity: High Accuracy Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Ambient Light and UV Sensor ×1
- OLED Transparent Display ×1
- UART Fiber Optic Transceiver Module ×2
- SC-SC Single Mode Duplex Fiber Jumper (50m) ×1
- Lithium Battery Charger ×1
- 3.7V Battery ×2”

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