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I used to had two 3d printers, one I build my self long time ago with scrap material and a new one from a commercial brand, I do not print quite often so one printer was extra, so I decided to turn it into a 3-4 axis camera head slider. The process is pretty simple just reprogramming the 3d printer to use it as a robot and programming easily a controller that you can remote control as well using your phone. All that help me to record and make videos alone without a camera operator.


- Old 3D printer with mainly the next parts.
- 3 or 4 Stepper motors the bigger the stronger.
- Controller board of the 3d printer
- 2020 Aluminum Extrusions
- Right Angle Plate
- 8mm Shaft Bearings
- 8mm shaft Supports
- 2 Set of gt2 20 teeth pulleys and gt2 60 teeth pulleys
- Vslot M8x10 screw set
- 8mm Steel rod
- 16 - M3 screws
- Camera L bracket
- 2 Camera long quick release plate

Remote Controller Parts:

- ESP32 board
- OLED Display
- Mini Joystick Module
- Logic Voltage adapter Board
- Arduino Buzzer Module
- 2-M3 Screws


- Metal Saw
- Drill with 5mm or 13/64” bit
- Set of Allen Keys
- 1/4 Tap screw set (optional)
- Tap Wrench (optional)”

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