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Two hand analog clock with automatic time adjustment using NTP via WiFi.

Contrary to the formerWiFi Sync Clock, this clock works normally with monotonic CW rotation (except origin alignment once a day).
- It resets the position of hands once a day at 0:00 (and initialization period after power on). The hands of the clock rotates CCW (counter clockwise) and stopped mechanically at 0:00.
- Owing to the special hook mechanism, it can precisely align the position of the hands.
- ESP32 microcontroller connects to the time server (ntp server) via WiFi.

You need (other than 3D printed parts)

- ESP32 based micro controller with WiFi. I used “MH-ET LIVE MiniKit” type ESP32-WROOM-32 board (around 5USD).
- 28BYJ-48 geared stepper motor and its driver circuit (around 3USD)
- M2 and M3 tapping screws”

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