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Practicing sports is fun and good for your physical and mental health. However, there are drawbacks while practicing a sport, take for example table tennis also known as ping pong. It is one of the most popular sports in China and it is widely known. Ping pong is a fast paced sport which rewards good technique and fast reaction times. During a training session of ping pong the players engage in a dynamic match, hitting and smashing balls everywhere (preferebly on the table ;)) ). As a consequence, at the end of the training set, the floor is completely covered with small ping pong balls… and it is time to pick them up. This is really a chore, nobody likes doing it, it takes a lot of time and you hurt your back when constantly bending over to pick a ball up. To anyone to who this situation sounds familiar, we have a solution for you!

Our Ping Pong Ball Collector Robot saves you from ever having to pick up another ping pong ball from the ground. This allows you to take a rest in between training sets and possibly saving you from a trip to your physiotherapist.

For constructing this amazing robot you will need the following parts:

- Stepper Motor x 2
- A4988 Driver x 2
- DC motor
- Bearing x 4
- Ultrasonic distance sensor
- Arduino UNO
- Castor wheel
- M3 nuts and bolts
- Battery (9V) x 4
- Buck converter
- Relay
- Compression spring x 2
- Extension spring x 2
- Switch
- Piezo buzzer
- Wires

Some of the components have to be manufactered, for this you require:

- Lasercutter (3mm MDF)
- 3D printer (PLA)”

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