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Low-Cost Orbital Shaker With Variable Shaking Frequency and Diameter

An orbital shaker is a type of shaker that generates a horizontal circular motion at different angular speeds. It is widely used for various biological and chemical applications, primarily in medicine to study microbe cultures; however, the cost and entry barrier remain high. We built a low-cost orbital shaker that has the ability to operate at various shaking frequencies and shaking diameters. It is designed to hold a standard 96 well plate, beakers, or other small labware. This system can be applied to many research lab applications, and its ease of use and relatively low-budget compared to manufactured systems makes it accessible to many.
This design was adapted from the project at


- Computer capable of running Arduino
- Arduino Software
- Phillips Head Screwdrivers
- Pliers
- Soldering Equipment
- Multimeter
- 3D printer (Original Prusa i3 MK3S+ recommended)
- Super Glue”

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