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Do you have a ton of yarn that needs winding into yarn balls? Perhaps you don’t have the time, or just can’t be bothered to do it by hand?

Then why not make yourself an Arduino-powered yarn ball winding machine? Here’s how…

But first, you will need some parts and equipment before you get stuck in.

Tools and parts needed
- Arduino Nano
- NEMA 17 stepper motor
- A4988-stepper motor driver module
- 15/32 inch (12mm) thick wooden board
- 5/16 inch (8mm) smooth shaft rod
- 13/64 inch (5mm) threaded rods
- 3D printed parts (CAD files here)
- Rubber timing belts
- 693 zz ball bearings
- 13/64 inch (5mm) ID timing pulley
- 5/16 inch (8mm) flange mount
- Rotary knob
- 5/16 inch (8mm) flange bearing
- Rubber feet
- Wood glue
- 5/16 inch (8mm) pillow bearing
- 13/64 inch (5mm) threaded rod
- Soldering kit
- Screwdriver set
- Electrical wires, resistors, and soldering gear
- Assorted PCB wire female connectors and male pins
- A 3D printer, or ask a friend with one to help out
- Various 3D parts
- Custom PCB board
- Jigsaw
- Various bolts and nuts”

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