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a clock which rewrites time again and again
This project is a continuation of my quest to build a robotic clock which can write and rewrite the time continuously day in and day out and keep going doing it. My first attempt with doodle clock was a failure due to the marker drying up and the second attempt with doodle#2 failed as the display got scratched very soon . This clock was inspired by my daughters t shirt with the pattern changing sequin cloth glued to it. After getting some stock fabric from a vendor i figured out the size of the clock based on the minimum resolution of the cloth . The fabric has circles of 5mm stitched 3 mm apart. Also another limit of the clock was my printer bed size of 245x170mm.

The kinematics

The kinematics of the clock consists of a mix of h-bot and Cartesian system. The y axis consists of the two rings on the extreme ends of the clock driven by 2 24byj48 motors . The rings are basically gears constrained in outer rings similar to a hubless wheel. The x-axis consists of a strut holding the two rings together and driving a belt routed on a h-bot based path. The belt is driven by two motors. The motors when moving in the same direction move the pen carriage left or right on the x-axis while when then move in the opposite direction move the pen up or down.”

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