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Recently while on vacation, we realized the lack of connection with our pet Beagle. After some research, we found products that featured a static camera that allowed one to monitor and communicate with one’s pet. These systems had certain benefits but lacked versatility. For example, each room required a unit to keep track of your pet across the house.
Therefore we developed a robust robot that can maneuver around the house and can monitor one’s pet using the power of the internet of things. A smartphone app was designed to interact with your pet via a live video feed. The chassis of the robot is digitally fabricated as several parts were created using 3D printing and laser cutting. Finally, we decided to add a bonus feature that dispensed treats to reward your pet.
Follow on to create your own pet monitoring system and maybe even customize it for your requirements. Check out the video linked above to see how our pet reacted and to get a better understanding of the robot. Do drop a vote in the “Robotics Contest” if you liked the project.”

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