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This instructable will show you how to build a relatively accessible, capable and cheap robot. My goal in designing this robot was to propose something which most people could afford, for them to teach computer science in an engaging way or to learn about it.
Once you get this robot built you can enjoy its variety of sensors and actuators to do basic but also quite advanced things depending on the version you build (I’ll provide two versions). With this robot you are giving eyes (180 view !) and legs (with precise movement possible!) to the micro:bit while the micro:bit provides you great features such as the LED matrix, the radio communication, bluetooth communication, accelerometer, compas, but also access to all that stuff with either MicroPython or with a visual programming language similar to scratch (actually also in C++ and javascript but I find those less suitable for education).
I will also work on this instructable so that I can set the readers and makers on track to discover more about mobile robotics, electronics, designing and wood cutting. To do so, I designed everything to be as modular as possible. For instance I won’t use any glue to allow to assemble and disassemble freely, making upgrades as well as debugging easier. I’ll also make the steps as incremental as I can, so that you can progressively understand what’s going on, check that things are working as they should and reach the end with a robot that works. “

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