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Hai friends after a long gap about 6 months here i come with a new project. Till the completion of Cute Drawing Buddy V1, SCARA Robot - Arduino i plan for a another drawing bot, main aim is to cover a large space for drawing. So fixed robotic arms can’t do it, So I plan for a bot which is able to draw in flat surface. This is version 1 it can able to draw all vector drawing (because stepper used here is very cheap) in any scale. In this tutorial we see not only construction but also deep study of how it draw in very detailed. I listed the supplies in Separate Page so that i able to add images separately.

You can able to draw very large images using this bot. Its Very Fun For kids to build and Play.

NOTE :- For those who have bot and want code for the drawing directly go to step 9. You able to see the detailed calculation in that page with images.”

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