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12V USB Charging Station

200 times faster than ever before: the speediest quantum operation yet V

50 Years Ago: Apollo 11 Returns to Houston

A moonlit tribute to a moon landing icon V

AI Radar System That Can Spot Miniature Drones 3km away

An Airbus futuristic conceptual airliner “takes flight” to inspire next-generation engineers

Arduino Magnetometer

Arduino MIDI Chiptune Synthesizer V

Arduino Watch Core V

Army project may advance quantum materials, efficient communication networks

Bidding farewell to Tiangong-2, China prepares for space station V

Blinds Control With ESP8266, Google Home and Openhab Integration and Webcontrol

CNC Actuator Plotter V

DC Motor Driver Using Power Mosfets V

Easy to Build FM Transmitter

Emory mathematician to present a proof of the Sensitivity Conjecture

ESP32 Tutorial: Some Built-In Capabilities

Exceptional sense of touch for robots and prosthetics V

GSLV MkIII-M1 Successfully Launches Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft V

High-safety, Flexible and Scalable Zn//MnO2 Rechargeable Planar Micro-batteries

Infrared Dice Sensor

Inverted Pendulum: Control Theory and Dynamics V

J.A.R.V.I.S with DIY Arc Reactor

Making oscilloscope images with DACs V

Making the Invisible Visible: New Sensor Network Reveals Telltale Patterns in Neighborhood Air Quality V

Mover3D: the 3D Printed, DMX Controlled, Desktop Moving Light

newelectronics 23 Julho 2019

NIST Physicists Create Record-Setting Quantum Motion

PocketAdmin (rev 1.2) V

Qualcomm Introduces End-to-End Over-the-Air 5G mmWave Test Network in Europe to Drive 5G Innovation

Quantum Photonics by Serendipity

Save Water & Money With the Shower Water Monitor

Search for new semiconductors heats up with gallium oxide

Single molecules can take the heat

Stanford physicists count sound particles with quantum microphone

T2 - the Tea Bot -Tea Brewing Made Easy V

Temporized Traffic Light

The MagPI 84

Ultrathin Transistors for Faster Computer Chips

Volumetric POV Display

2D perovskite materials found to have unique, conductive edge states

A development board for an STM32G081 MCU

A Graphene Superconductor That Plays More Than One Tune

A simple circuit for measuring electrical current with Arduino

Arduino Datalogger With RTC, Nokia LCD and Encoder V

Atomic motion is captured in 4D for the first time

Automated system generates robotic parts for novel tasks

Automatic Road Quality Detector


Change unipolar 28BYJ-48 to bipolar stepper motor

Designing a Custom Automotive Controller

Digital Manometer/CPAP Machine Monitor V

DistME: A Fast and Elastic Distributed Matrix Computation Engine using GPUs developed by DGIST

Dual-Interface Secure Microcontroller from STMicroelectronics Boosts Safety and Convenience in Contactless Banking and e-Identification Applications

Electronic chip mimics the brain to make memories in a flash

Elements of Programming

First programmable memristor computer aims to bring AI processing down from the cloud

Galileo Initial Services have now been restored

HackSpace magazine #21

Heart Rate Monitor (Wearable and Wireless Using ECG) V

How electronic skin could help people with disabilities

Hypertaste: An AI-assisted e-tongue for fast and portable fingerprinting of complex liquids V

Incubator - INQ

Intel’s Pohoiki Beach, a 64-Chip Neuromorphic System, Delivers Breakthrough Results in Research Tests

IoT - Geiger-Muller Counter Using MQTT Protocol

Light may increase magnetic memory speeds 1,000 times, decrease electricity consumption

Logic Game “Columns” V

Low Cost Wireless Sensor Network on 433MHz Band

Making light behave in useful ways

Mbed OS 5.13.1 released

MegaSquirt Digital Dashboard Display V

Mobile Controlled ESP32 Two-Wheel Drive Robot V

More ESP8266 Hacking - LOHAS LED

New Unprinting Method Can Help Recycle Paper and Curb Environmental Costs

NIST’s Compact Atomic Gyroscope Displays New Twists

NIST’s Quantum Logic Clock Returns to Top Performance

Organic solar cells will last 10 years in space

PC Hardware Monitor With Arduino and Nokia 5110 LCD V

Photochromic & Glow-in-the-Dark Clock V

Popsicle Stick Robotic Arm V

Portable Weather Station for Night Sky Observers

Quantum sensor breakthrough using naturally occurring vibrations in artificial atoms

Research shows black plastics could create renewable energy

Researchers build transistor-like gate for quantum information processing – with qudits

Researchers Use Nano-Particles to Increase Power, Improve Eye Safety of Fiber Lasers

RGB Matrix Audio Visualizer with Arduino V

Samsung Begins Mass Production of Industry’s First 12Gb LPDDR5 Mobile DRAM for Premium Smartphones

Simple DataFlash Board

Smart Buoy V

Smart Clock with Alexa Interaction

Smart Ultrasound Blind Stick

Terahertz technology escapes the cold

The best of both worlds: how to solve real problems on modern quantum computers

The Cheapest and Simplest Pulse Counter V

Theory explains ferromagnetic superconductor behavior

Tiny Vibration-Powered Robots Are the Size of the World’s Smallest Ant V

Tracey - Drawing Machine V

Trash Built BT Line Drawing Bot - My Bot V

UCLA-developed terahertz sensors work at room temperature, unlike current technology that needs extreme cold

Which one is the perfect quantum theory?

Yet Another Smart Weather Station, But… V

3D printed prosthetic hand can guess how you play Rock, Paper, Scissors

A chemical approach to imaging cells from the inside

A new way of making complex structures in thin films

Analog, Digital Clock and Thermometer on 128x64 LCD V

Beat The Heat

Big LOVE Sign Marquee Letters V

Binary Clock V1.0 V


Bosch extends the service life of electric-vehicle batteries

Cardiff in world-beating CS breakthrough V

CircuitPython Turtle Graphics

Color Instrument V

Development of 3D Electrochemical Model to Improve Battery Energy Density and Efficiency of Electric Vehicles

‘Digital alchemy’ to reverse-engineer new materials

Easy 3D Printed Objects in One Hour

Enriching solid-state batteries

Escape Room Decoder Box

Gadget Cashe Post for Treasure Hunts V

Goodbye Aberration: Physicist Solves 2,000-Year-Old Optical Problem

“I Spy” Game With Arduino V

In world first, Japan’s Hayabusa2 probe collects samples from distant asteroid after second successful touchdown

Intel Unveils New Tools in Its Advanced Chip Packaging Toolbox V

Jellyfish-inspired robot wins Best Paper Award in prestigious robotics conference

LED Audio Visual Display V

Linux Kernel 5.2 Officially Released, Here’s What’s New

LM386 IC Amplifier V

Localised excitons in 2D materials for integrated quantum optics

Low Ohmic Resistance Meter With INA219 Current Sensor

Making wireless communication more energy efficient

Micro ring resonator has highest quality factor to date

Microrobots to change the way we work with cellular material

Molecular thumb drives: Researchers store digital images in metabolite molecules

NASA Invests in 3D Printing for Aviation

newelectronics 9 Julho 2019

NVIDIA Breaks Eight AI Performance Records

OPAMP(741 Types) AND 555 TESTER

Paper-Thin and Flexible Batteries May Mean Better Power Sources for Space Travel & IoT Devices

Producing Graphene from Carbon Dioxide

RGB LED Wall Clock With Temperature Sensor Using Evive- Arduino Based Embedded Platform V

Robot-ants that can jump, communicate and work together V

Room Temperature Prediction Via LM35 Sensor and Machine Learning


Simple CAR Arduino Bluetooth Controlled V

Simulating quantum systems with neural networks

Smart Speaker from Scratch V

Spi-Box: A Motion Activated Security Camera

Spontaneous synchronisation achieved at the nanoscale

The Nvidianator V

Tiny Supersonic Jet Injector Accelerates Nanoscale Additive Manufacturing

TinyLED Displays V

Trapped light particles: Dresden physicists use nanostructures to free photons for highly efficient white OLEDs

‘Tsunami’ on a silicon chip: a world first for light waves

Tuning the energy levels of organic semiconductors

TV-B-On the box

Ultra Simple, Ultra Small and Ultra Cheap Pet Monitor

Upside-down 3D-printed skin and bone, for humans to Mars V

U.S. Naval Research Laboratory ‘connects the dots’ for quantum networks

USB 10-digit Seven Segment Display Module

Virgin Orbit’s Rocket-Launching 747 Jumbo Jet Nails 1st Drop Test

XYZ Point Scanner Using Salvaged Rotary Encoders

Betta Fish Feeder V

Build your own IoT/MQTT node for less than $2

Building a bridge to the quantum world

Combined ISP and FTDI Tool With Pogo Pins V

Combing nanowires

Confirmation of old theory leads to new breakthrough in superconductor science

Contact Lost With Three Starlink Satellites, Other 57 Healthy

Danish researchers create worldwide solar energy model

Digispark & WS2812 Rainbow Wheel in a Box V

DIY Current Sensor for Arduino V

doom-nano V

Energy-harvesting nanomaterials created cool V

Ensuring Astronaut Safety: Lockheed Martin And NASA Successfully Demonstrate Orion Launch Abort System In Flight Test

ESP32 Smart Home Hub

Eye of Agamotto With Arduino V

FM Radio RDA V

From Brrrr to Vroom: New Additives Promise Better Performance for Electric Cars in Cold Weather

Getting more heat out of sunlight

Gravitational Acceleration Measurement

Hacking Digital Calipers

Homemade STM8 Development Board

How to Make a 4x4x4 L.E.D. Cube With Leftover LEDs V

How you and your friends can play a video game together using only your minds

Introducing Equiano, a subsea cable from Portugal to South Africa

Label Set Operations (LaSO) Networks for Multi-Label Few-Shot Learning

LED Marquee Scroller Wemos D1 Mini ESP8266 V

Machine learning for sensors

Magic 3D Clock

Making a SPL db Meter V

Minimalistic Word Clock

New AI programming language goes beyond deep learning

New E-Tattoo Enables Accurate, Uninterrupted Heart Monitoring for Days

New material shows high potential for quantum computing

New property of light discovered

newelectronics 25 Junho 2019

One polymer to make two semiconductors, by controlling the solvent

Physicists use light waves to accelerate supercurrents, enable ultrafast quantum computing

Remote-controlled Drug Delivery Implant The Size Of A Grape May Help Chronic Disease Management

Research reveals exotic quantum states in double-layer graphene

Researchers teleport information within a diamond

RGB Fibonacci Clock V

Russian engineers ready to ‘light up’ a lamp revolution

Samsung Electronics Introduces A High-Speed, Low-Power NPU Solution for AI Deep Learning

Simon Says Game - 3D Printable | Arduino Nano | DIY Project V

Skeleton Watch V

Slimbox - a Smart Bluetooth Speaker!

Smart Home Using Amazon Alexa

Smart Trash Bin Automation

SoftBank, Toyota’s self-driving car venture to add five more automakers: sources

Sun, Space Bound Companion Bot

Tiny motor can “walk” to carry out tasks

Weather Station with ePaper and Raspberry Pi