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Today I would like to share a project to create a simple logical game “Columns”. For this we need:

One of the most affordable and affordable SPI displays,
Arduino Nano,
TFT-shield for Arduino Nano (with which we will combine the individual components into a single unit).
This shield is the second (lightweight, for Arduino Nano) version of TFT Shield for Arduino Uno, which you can read about here and here and here.

Brief description of TFT shield:

The size of the board is 64x49 mm,
30-pin connector for connecting Arduino Nano,
14-pin connector for connecting a TFT display 320x240 with an SPI interface (including a touch screen),
Connector for microSD card,
Connector for the Bluetooth module (HC-06),
20-pin connector for camera OV7670 (as well as others),
Mini USB connector, as well as a separate 2-pin connector for power supply 5V.
The game itself is very famous, so I will not dwell on the description of its rules. And talk about management. Because In this device there are no mechanical buttons we will use the touch screen of the display itself. The boundaries of the screen areas and their corresponding functions are shown in the following figure.

Nothing complicated. And so, let’s get started.”

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