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Arduino Memory Game

This is a project that was started 2 years ago which I recently decided to pick up again and finish. The purpose of the product is to test a person’s ability to memorize patterns. It does this on a 2x2 button layout where the user must replicate the LED pattern that is shown. With each successful entry, another element to the pattern is added and the level of difficulty increases (indicated by the number displayed at the top). A video displaying the functional product can be found at the end of the Instructable.



- Drill Press
- Compound Mitre Saw
- Clamps
- Laser Cutter
- Soldering Iron
- Wire Cutter/Stripper
- Table Saw
- Computer


- Teak Wood
- 4x Wood Screws (any suitable size)
- Black Acrylic


- 4 PTM Buttons
- 12x 10K Ohm Resistors
- 18x 470 Ohm Resistors
- 8x Diodes
- 2x 7 Segment Displays
- PCB Board
- 2x 4511 IC
- Perf Board
- 5V Adapter
- Arduino Nano
- Arduino Nano Expansion Board (Optional)
- 4x LEDs
- 4x LED Sockets”

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