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3D Printed Holo Clock With Arduino

This project is a 3D printed clock powered by a stepper motor and is controlled by an Arduino Uno. It was designed in OnShape over the course of a month. It keeps time very precisely and only needs to be plugged into a USB port once programmed.

- Arduino Uno
- 24BJY-48 stepper motor
- ULN2003 stepper motor driver
- 6 male to female jumper wires
- A 3D printer
- 2 different colors of filament (I used black and white PLA+)
- 2 M4 nuts
- 2 M4 screws 6mm long
- 4 M3 screws 10mm long
- 8 M3 washers
- Masking tape
- Super glue
- M4 and M3 allen wrenches
- 3.18mm x .335mm brass tube”

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