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Arduino NERF Ball Wireless FPV Sentry Turret

This project will guide you through the steps to make an Arduino based 360 degree rotating foam ball turret with full joystick wireless control, and first person view camera and headset.

This is a moderately complex project for hobbyists looking to try something a little extra. Parts of this project were limited by component availability and time, so we encourage you to make it your own and modify and improve the design. You can follow step by step, use bits of it, or just the code, to make your own foam ball turret.

This project will involve:

Basic woodworking
Basic metal working
Arduino programming
3D printing
Laser cutting (or patient sawing by hand)
Coding skills you’ll get to try out:

Wireless communication
Brushless motor control
Servo control


250 x 250mm heavy wood
About 600 x 300mm 6mm plywood
Arduino Uno - £17.00
Arduino Nano or Nano Every - £10.00
7.4V 3800mAh LiPo battery - £35.57
2x Brushless 1980KV motors - £21.70 each
2x ESC motor controllers - £13.41 each
2x 2.4GHz WiFi module + Shield - £2.60 each
Compatible Joystick (an old 15 pin Logitech Wingman works great, anything simple that uses potentiometers) - £5.99
Voltage step-up converter - £3.99
5V Arduino Relay - £5.49
47mm O.D Thrust Bearing - £14.03
2x 26mm O.D Axial Bearings - £3.06 each
10mm Aluminium Rod (or similar)
25mm plumbing pipe and Right angled 3 way adapter
Plastic 70mm O.D Wheel set (for Firing) - £4.20
MG996R 360 Degree Servo (for Rotation) - £9.00
MG946R Servo (for Tilt) - £8.00
DS329HV Servo (for Trigger Firing) - £7.89
2x DF5015SM 12V Blower Fan - £2.48 each
FPV Camera - £16.99 (optional)
FPV Headset - £43.99 (optional)
3D Printer
Laser cutter (or hand saw and some patience)

Total Cost: £268.64 (much cheaper if you already have parts lying around)

3D printed parts:

360 degree servo mount
Tilt servo mount
Launch wheel / motor holder
Blower fan holder
Barrel holder
Servo to shaft mount
Camera Mount”

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