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Inspired by Disney’s Shaman Animatronic, as well as 3D printed designs by WillettFX and TheDutchEdition, I recently decided to build a 3D printed animatronic mouth design. Although the mechanics of the design are very simplified compared to the other projects I mentioned, I wanted to add a tongue to my design as it’s a big component in realistic looking lip-synchronisation. Also, I developed a few different control methods including a program which takes a sentence as an input and converts it into a sequence of visemes (mouth-positions), and another which uses real-time input from a microphone.

This project is a nice introduction to animatronic mouths, but there’s a lot of room for better control methods and more complex mechanics. I can’t wait to see what the community can come up with!


7x MG90s Micro Servo (2x
2x MG996R Servo
Various M2 and M3 screws
8x M2 Servo Ball-links:
4x M2 short pushrod connectors (best just to get M2 screws and saw them up!)

Super Sculpey Beige
FIMO Cherry Red
Teeth (optional)
FIMO Translucent White
FIMO Sahara
Pictured Gums
Super Sculpey Beige
FIMO Cherry Red

Nilheim Mechatronics Servo Tester

Arduino Uno:
Adafruit PCA9685 16-Channel Servo Driver:
DC panel input -
Power supply (5A in this case to allow many servos to be driven) -
Potentiometer -”

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