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Harvesting lemon trees is considered hard work, due to the big size of trees and also due to the hot climates of the regions where lemon trees are planted. That’s why we need something else to help agricultural workers to complete their work more easily. So, we came up with an idea to ease their job, a robotic arm with gripper that picks the lemon from the tree. The arm is about 50cm long. The working principle is simple: we give a position to the robot, then it will go at the right place, and if there is a lemon, its gripper will cut the peduncle and grap the lemon at the same time. Then, the lemon will be released on the ground and the robot will go back to its initial position. At first, the project might seem complex and hard to be done. However, it is not that complex, yet it needed a lot of hard work and good planning. It just needs to be built one thing over the other. At the beginning, we faced some problems due to covid-19 situation and the working remotely, but then we did it, and it was amazing.
This Instructable aims to guide you through the process of creating a Robotic arm with a grabber. The project was designed and engineered as part of our Bruface Mechatronics project; the work was in done in Fablab Brussels by:
-Hussein Moslimani
-Ins Castillo Fernandez
-Jayesh Jagadesh Deshmukhe
-Raphal Boitte”

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