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A Fully 3D Printed Arduino Robot Arm Designed for Hobby and STEM

We want to build STEM kits that get kids excited about technology. So far we have created and launched nearly 10 kits. And now we want to improve our original Arduino Robot Arm again. We have stayed true to our principles and have made the V3 simpler and more reliable to build and use. So that classrooms can continue to have a great robot arm to implement into their curriculum.

Whats the “V3”
The V3 is the third version of the LittleArm that we have made. It has fewer parts and relies more on 3D Printing than any of our previous kits have.

The LittleArm Original was the very first kit that we ever created in 2016. Then we followed that in 2017 with the LittleArm 2C. And it took quite a while to find a way to improve on that on. But we found it.

Gripper - We have turned 8 pieces into 1. This gripper eliminates complexity that made it difficult for younger kids to work with the kits. It is also able to grab more stuff.
Overall Design - Sleeker with even fewer screws and complications. Every piece has been optimized.
Improved App and Demos - We have updated the software for the arm and will be releasing new demos.
Overall, we figured out how to further optimize all of the parts to make easier to put together. the gripper that was once 8 pieces is now just 1 piece. Only 2 of the 4 servos need a screw, so kids don’t lose those tiny set screws in the rug. And we have made it even tougher so it can take the abuse of classrooms and groups better than ever.”

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