CHIP-E 2.0 a Dancing Robot

I was really taken with the CHIP-E robot from RobotGeek (featured in MAKE magazine). Most of my robots have wires hanging out everywhere and don’t have that sleek, futuristic look. I also thought that the square cubist look was really cute. The fact that he can do a sideways moonwalk was all I needed to jump into making my own dancing robot. Since RobotGeek has such a great set of instructions I thought that I could create my own and make a few changes. I redesigned his feet to match standard servos. I also designed legs in PLA instead of the metal legs included in RobotGeek’s kit. I also wanted to have more expressive eyes and a unique controller. If you are new to robotics or just don’t have a bin of servos and electronics, I suggest that you purchase the RobotGeek kit, which has all of the things you’ll need.”


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