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In this tutorial I will show you how I built an Arduino hexapod. As the name suggests, the hexapod has 6 legs but in addition to that, it also has a tail or abdomen, a head, antennas, mandibles and even functional eyes. All of this, makes the hexapod look like an ant, so therefore we can also call it an Arduino Ant Robot.

For controlling the robot I made a custom-built Android application. The app has 4 buttons through which we can command the robot to move forward or backwards, as well as turn left or right. Along with these main functions, the robot can also move its head and tail, as well as it can bite, grab and drop things and even attack.

As I mentioned earlier, the robot has functional eyes, or I specifically designed the head to fit an ultrasonic sensor. So if we try to touch the robot head or get our hand close to the sensor, the robot will initially prepare for an attack.

f we move back, the robot will dismiss the attack, but in case we get our hand closer to it, it will attack and bite us. So how cool is that? Stick around and you will find out exactly how I build it and how everything works.

Arduino Hexapod – Ant Robot 3D Model
As usual, I started by designing the hexapod using a 3D modeling software. The hexapod has 6 legs and each of them consist of 3 joints or 3 servos. That means we need total of 18 servos and in my case I used the MG996R servos.”

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