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High Five! - a Robotic Hand

One day, in our Principles of Engineering class, we set out to construct compound machines out of VEX parts. As we began to build the mechanisms, we struggled to manage multiple complex components that needed to be assembled together. If only someone could give us a hand…
That’s why we, three Irvington High School students in Ms.Berbawy’s class, decided to design and build a robotic hand from scratch! With a financial estimate of $150 for this S.I.D.E. Project, we were able to acquire all the materials needed while remaining well under the budget. The finished product consists of an Arduino Mega, a servo micro-controller that drives 5 servos, each of which is connected to a 3D printed finger that is able to move individually with realistic joints.
This was a very ambitious project, given that all team members are high school students with busy Junior year schedules, and have no prior experience in completely designing an electronics based project from the base up. While our team members do have previous computer-aided design and programming experience, the project opened our eyes to the potential utilization of Arduino hardware and software in a way that could help people accomplish their daily tasks.
3D Modeling and Design by Patrick Ding
Documentation and Arduino Coding by Ashwin Natampalli
Arduino Coding, Circuitry, and Instructable by Sandesh Shrestha”

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