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In 2020 I became immersed in the marvelous world of quadrupedal robots. Viewing YouTube videos of robots such as SPOT by Boston Dynamics, and the MIT Mini Cheetah has inspired me to make my very own. These cleverly crafted bots are known for their dynamic movements and realistic appearances. Over the past year, I’ve made it my personal goal to create my very own affordable quadrupedal robot. One that could function similar to the high-end quadrupeds. Here I present ARES, a fully 3D printed 12 DOF robot dog capable of omni directional travel as well as many other maneuvers. In this instructable, I’ll show you how to make your very own ARES!

- needle nose plier
- wire stripper
- lighter or heat gun (for heat shrink tubing)
- Allen wrenches
- soldering iron and solder
- super glue
- exacto knife
- wire cutter
- hot glue gun and hot glue


Electronics ($408)

- 12 x DS3218 20kg digital servo
- Teensy 4.1
- Radiolink T8S RC controller and reciever
- 12 pin Polulu Maestro servo controller
- 3.3 to 5v logic level converter
- half proto board
- mini proto board
- SPST switch
- 18 AWG wire
- heat shrink tubing
- XT60H connector pair
- 2S (7.4v) 6200mah lipo battery

Other supplies ($146)

- 2 x 1” velcro straps
- 4 x 25T servo horn (24mm hole center)
- 8 x 25T servo disc
- 4 x m3 x 100mm pushrod connector
- 8 x 22mm long m3 tie rod
- 73 x m3 x 6mm threaded inserts
- 16 x m3 locknuts
- M3 Screws
- 8 x m3 x 4mm
- 35 x m3 x 6mm screws
- 30 x m3 x 8mm screws
- 12 x m3 x 16mm screws
- 4 x m3 x 16mm button head screws
- 4 x m3 x 18mm button head screws
- 4 x m3 x 20mm screws
- 4 x m3 x 22mm screws
- 4 x m3 x 30mm screws”

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