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3V3 Power Supply system for ESP8266

Every microcontroller requires to be powered by a specific input voltage and ESP8266 being a microcontroller can not be left out.

ESP8266 is a microchip of low cost that is produced by a company by the name of ESPPRESSIF stems. It has been used in the revolution of cloud communication systems in the field of electronics as it has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communications capabilities. The microcontroller has several pinouts. In this article, we are going to focus on the 3v3 pin which is where the powering of the ESP8266occurss. This 3V3 means that the ESP8266 is powered by the use of the 3.3V and therefore we need to ensure that before we power this system we are doing it with the right voltages or else we might end up creating more damage.

Now let us have a look at how to design our 3v3 output by use of the 5v DC output voltage:

First, I had to start by choosing the right DC to DC voltage regulator for the system. I had to settle for the AN_SY8088, which is a high-frequency synchronous DC to DC step down voltage regulator with an operating current of about 1A and an input voltage of about 2.5 to 5V which was good for my system that required a 5V DC to stepped down to 3V3 DC. Check the datasheet for more information.”

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