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My goal for this project was to design & build a small untethered climbing robot and to record it in my very first Instructable (woohoo!). The result is the robot shared here, which uses a rack and pinion system to pin itself between parallel surfaces and a simple lever mechanism and prismatic joint to inch its way forward. I hope you enjoy, and I’m looking forward to your feedback on what I can improve in the design and documentation.

3D printer (or access to one) - for reference, I printed the components in PLA on an Ender 3 Pro
Soldering iron
Wire strippers
Hot melt glue gun
Computer with Arduino IDE installed
USB cable and 5V FTDI board, for programming the Arduino [Link]
LiPo Battery Charger [Link]
Qty 1 - 5V Arduino Pro Mini, or equivalent [Link]
Qty 1 - LM2596 buck coverter (link is to a 6 pack) [Link]
Qty 2 - 3.7V, 1Ah LiPo Batteries [Link]
Qty 2 - JST right angle connectors [Link]
Qty 3 - Tower Pro SG90 micro servo and accompanying hardware (link is to a 5 pack) [Link]
Qty 1 - Panel mount SPDT toggle switch [Link]
0.1” pitch breakaway headers [Link]
Robot Parts - Printed in PLA or preferred printing material (download the files from Thingiverse:
Qty 1 - Head Cover
Qty 1 - Top Frame
Qty 1 - Bottom Frame
Qty 2 - Spur Gear
Qty 4 - Rack Gear Clamp
Qty 4 - Guide Plate
Qty 1 - Separated Clevis
Qty 1 - Motor Lever Arm
Qty 1 - Motor Drive Arm
Qty 2 - M3 Washers (or similar size)
Miscellaneous wire, for making electrical connections”

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