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Thank GOD and all of you for make my project Baby-MIT-Cheetah-Robot won the first prize in the Contest Make it Move. I am very happy because lot of friends ask lot of question in conversation and in messages. One of the important question was how the robot move smoothly (with out body up and down) and asked about the array in the program initialization, how it is calculated. For the answer of that questions i plan to make a drawing bot with the legs i designed for the Baby-MIT-Cheetah-Robot. This is the test leg first i designed before print all the four legs. Also for this i try to draw in android and transfer the data to arduino to draw.

I like maths very much, i believe all in the world run with maths. There is nothing with out maths. Here i detailed the maths used to calculate the degrees of servo in detailed.

Materials Required

1) Arduino Uno R3 - 1No
2) HC-05 Blue tooth module. - 1No
3) Micro Servo - 3 Nos
4) LM2596 DC to DC Voltage Regulator. - 1 No
5) 3.7V 18650 Battery - 2 Nos
6) 18650 Battery Holder
7) 3D printed Arm (obj file given the arm page)
8) Small aluminum pipe (got from old FM antenna).
9) Some scrap items.
10) Plastic sheet to make cover.”

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