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Smart open source robotics project for makers and students. Combines electronics, mechanics and informatics in one system.

Welcome robot friends :)
We decided to create this little robot to have an interdisciplinary subject in our studies. This project turned into a journey lasting over three years and two things always stayed the same…fun and Arduino UNO ;) Drawing, lasercutting, soldering, 3D-printing, programming an arduino library, a python package, an android and a windows app, etc….it is turning in a never ending story. With the help of a community (this means you) it could be a world wide educational project. Working on this project is a lot of fun. Learning something about the different topics and share it with the world is realy great. Be part of it…

Delta-Robot One
Delta-Robot One is mainly designed for students and makers with an educational thought. Everyone who likes to learn something about robotics can take a look at different fields - electronics, mechanics and informatics.

Let’s introduce this smart little robot. His name is „One“ because he combines a lot of technical topics in one single system. This kind of robot is called delta and it belongs to the family of parallel robots.”

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