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Everyone goes crazy for microcontrollers, but is there a way to channel my input signals into one bus? The answer is yes!

Let’s say we want to read 4 potentiometers (or variable resistors), and 3 buttons for some reason, and make those inputs light up a LED based on its value. We can do this by writing a few lines of code, setting 7 inputs, 4 of them analog and 3 digital ones, right? But as the title of the project, I want to use the CD4051 IC (integrated circuit) to channel the 7 inputs to output to only 1 pin! This is called multiplexing, and it’s a very useful tool when trying to save on wiring, space, or efficiency. I want to show that you don’t always need a microcontroller to do simple tasks, and you can actually do it with no memory or clock involved.”

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