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AFRL tests in-house, rapidly developed small engine

Airbus presents ground-breaking technology for EUTELSAT QUANTUM

Announcement of the Acquisition of the Semiconductor Business from Panasonic

ATmega Alien Themed Slot Machine V

Breaking (and Restoring) Graphene’s Symmetry in a Twistable Electronics Device

Breakthrough paves path for a future free of batteries catching fire

Chinese Academy of Sciences Leads Discovery of Unpredicted Stellar Black Hole

GPS interface using uLisp

Guitar Hero With Arduino V

Hey Design A Shirt That Produces Electricity With The Temperature Difference Between The Body And The Environment V

MediaTek and Intel Partner to Bring 5G Connectivity to the Next Generation of PCs

Mini Drawing Bot - Live Android App - Trignomentry V

Multiplexing 8 Different Analog Signals Into One V

Nano Robot Controller & How to Use It

New electrodes could increase efficiency of electric vehicles and aircraft

New STM32WB Wireless Microcontrollers from STMicroelectronics Delivered in a New Affordable Value Line

Novel tactile display using computer-controlled surface adhesion V

NUS researchers create new metallic material for flexible soft robots V

Powering Future Optical Microsystems with Chip-Scale Integrated Photonics

Precise and printable silicon nanoparticles

Princeton scientists discover surprising quantum effect in an exotic superconductor V

Qualcomm Technologies and Siemens set up the first 5G private standalone network in an industrial environment using the 3.7-3.8GHz band

Researchers create blueprint for ‘quantum battery’ that doesn’t lose charge

Researchers reach milestone in quantum standardization

Self-assembling system uses magnets to mimic specific binding in DNA V

Small, fast, and highly energy-efficient memory device inspired by lithium-ion batteries

Software to speed up clothing development

Swarms of golf ball-sized robots could detect leaks in the sewers

Tiny Intel EMIB Helps Chips ‘Talk’ with Each Other

Toward more efficient computing, with magnetic waves

Unboxing a New Spin-Triplet Superconductor

Underwater telecom cables make superb seismic network

Web creator Tim Berners-Lee launches plan to ‘fix’ the internet

Bipolar-Zener Combo Takes On CMOS

Bone breakthrough may lead to aerospace advances V

Calling Princess Leia: How the out-of-this-galaxy Star Wars hologram just became a step closer to reality V

CircuitPython 7-Segment Character Clock V

Crazy Clock 4

DIY Power Measurement Module for Arduino V

Echo & Reverb Box

Economizing on iridium

How to design and control robots with stretchy, flexible bodies V

Invention of teeny-tiny organic films could enable new electronics

IOT Home Security System with Particle Argon V

Large integrated circuits produced in printing press

Linux Kernel 5.4 Released With Kernel Lockdown, ExFAT Support & Improvements to AMD Radeon Graphics

New antenna tech to equip ceramic coatings with heat radiation control

New Artificial Intelligence System Automatically Evolves to Evade Internet Censorship

New crystal structure improves stability, safety of hybrid perovskite materials

PocketAdmin – Keystroke Injection Device V

Quantum computers learn to mark their own work

Quantum Light Improves Sensitivity of Biological Measurements

Retro Gaming with Raspberry Pi

Stretchable, degradable semiconductors

Super-efficient wing takes off V


VMWos — a homebrew operating system for the Raspberry Pi V

Voltage and Current Logger

webOS OSE 2.1.0 Release

Wind energy in need of further development

555 Timer and LED Repair for Inflatable Display V

A Very Compact Alarm with Card Reader and Real-Time Clock

Arduino Automatic Watering System V

Arduino L298 Motor Shield

Arduino Space Rocks Game

Arduino Wattmeter - Voltage, Current and Power Consumption

Battery Capacity Tester Using Arduino - Lithium-NiMH-NiCd V

Bionic hand made in 10 hours thanks to WMG, University of Warwick

Bonn physicists create “super-photon”

Child Assistant

Creating Artemis

Cryptography without secret keys

Digital Still Image Camera Using the ESP32-CAM Board V

DIY Analog Dialer to USB Keyboard

DIY Analog Resource Monitor for your PC V

DIY Compact 3D Printed Animatronic Eye Mechanism V

DIY Internet of Things Fire Alarm V

Eliminating cracks in 3D-printed metal components

Felted DIP Socket

Flexible yet sturdy robot is designed to “grow” like a plant V

Formula LED V

Get Started With Arduino

Getting Started with the M5StickV AI + IOT Camera

Go With the Flow: Scientists Design Better Batteries for a Renewable Energy Grid

Graphene: The more you bend it, the softer it gets

HackSpace magazine #25

Harmonic Analyzer : Mechanical Lasercut Signal Plotter V

Hold the drop V

How to control Neopixel strip with WiFi

How to Use EMG Muscle Sensor V

Indoor Aeroponic Garden Automation with ESP32 + Backend V

Industry’s First 4Mbit EEPROM Memory Chips from STMicroelectronics Let Small Devices Handle Bigger User Data

Intel Unveils New GPU Architecture with High-Performance Computing and AI Acceleration, and oneAPI Software Stack with Unified and Scalable Abstraction for Heterogeneous Architectures

Iron-based solar cells on track to becoming more efficient V

Just Another Garage Door Opener

Lamborghini and MIT pave the way for the electric supercar of the future

Liquid metals the secret ingredients to clean up environment

MÄDBOX – A Multiplayer Electronic Board Game Table V

Magnetic Levitation V

Make an amazing $6 digital radio with an old ESP8266 and a VS1053 decoder

Make an Infinity Mirror Clock V

Mandelbrot and Julia Sets on ESP32 V

Mbed OS 5.14.2 released

Multi-Touch Kit V

Multimaterial 3D printing manufactures complex objects, fast V

New Spin Directions In Pyrite An Encouraging Sign For Future Spintronics

NRF24L01: Getting started, Arduino guide

NTU Singapore and Dutch scientists show how perovskite solar cells can capture more electricity


PCB Business Card V

Raspberry PI Scanner V2

RC Mini Car

Researchers watch quantum knots untie

Retro Computing with Arduino Mega and a Z80 processor V

Reuse an Old Phone and Old Speakers As a STEREO

Reuse Old Mobile Phone Batteries V

RGB Tree V

Servo Tester V

Smart Mirror Using BeagleBone Black

Solenoid Door Lock Contol RFID V

SpaceX’s 1st Full-Size Starship Prototype Suffers Anomaly in Pressure Test V

Storing energy in hydrogen 20 times more effective using platinum-nickel catalyst

Superconducting wind turbine chalks up first test success V

Teensy 4 Large Music Synth

The Beginners Guide to Display Text, Image & Animation on OLED Display by Arduino

The Relightables V

The Wood Paradox

Tracealyzer for FreeRTOS on Xilinx Zynq

Triple CNC Machine - UPGRADE Version V

China completes crucial landing test for first Mars mission in 2020

CircuitPython OLED Watch Clock V

How to Build 8x8 BIG LED Matrix (MAX7219 LED 10mm) V

newelectronics 12 Novembro 2019

NodeMCU Home Automation V

Panasonic Develops Battery Management Technology to Measure Electrochemical Impedance of multi-cell stacked Lithium-Ion Batteries

Personalized Message Displaying Trinkets

Researchers generate terahertz laser with laughing gas

Snow Flake Decoration V

Theoretical tubulanes inspire ultrahard polymers V

What a Switch! NIST-Led Team Develops Tiny Low-Energy Device to Rapidly Reroute Light in Computer Chips

3D-printed PCB workstation using acupuncture needles V

60V to 5V @ 3.5A Buck converter with USB output

A cheaper way to scale up atomic layer deposition

A new quantum data classification protocol brings us nearer to a future “quantum internet”

A new way to measure gravity: Using floating atoms

Arduino and Booleans: The truth is greater than zero!

Arduino-Controlled Photogrammetry 3D Scanner V

ASUS & Google Team Up for ‘Tinker Board’ AI-Focused Credit-Card Sized Computers

ATmega328 MPPT Solar Charger

Atomic-level imaging could offer roadmap to metals with new properties

Automated Weather Satellite Ground Station

Bluetooth Turtle Bot with CircuitPython and Crickit V

bouLED V

Building a mechanical 7-segment display V

Bundlemers V

Buzz Wire with Score Counter V

Camera Timelapse Rig (IREnE) V

Digi-Comp I Redux V

DIY Arcade Machine

DIY RaspiCar - phase 1

Edge-Lit Rainbow Weather Display

FPGA Based Binary Clock

HapticGames V

Investigating ARM Cortex® M33 core with TrustZone® – In-System Programming Tutorial

Lithium-Sulfur Battery Project Aims to Double the Range of Electric Airplanes

Magnets for the second dimension

Make Arduino XY Plotter Drawing Robot Polargraph V

Marta Musik Maschine V

Motor Temperature Estimation Without a Sensor V

Nano technology breakthrough enables conversion of infrared light to energy

Nano Weather Shield V1.1

Network boot your Raspberry Pi

New and Improved Geiger Counter – Now With WiFi! V

New monitoring technique lets your Remotely Operated Device do the snorkelling

OpenTitan – Open sourcing transparent, trustworthy, and secure silicon

Preserving open source software for future generations

Pushing perovskite solar stability

Quantum Computer Made from Photons Achieves a New Record

Research team lays groundwork for nanoscale particle discoveries

Researchers have developed self-healing soft electronics V

Smart Dustbin with Garbage Level Monitoring V

Spiders and ants inspire metal that won’t sink V

Starlink Mission V

Structured light promises path to faster, more secure communications

syncing time via VGA

Thorium superconductivity: scientists discover a new high-temperature superconductor

TipText Lets You Enter Text Using Thumb-Tip Gestures V

Using light to generate order in an exotic material

Worker robots that learn from mistakes

ABS Classes World’s Biggest Floating Wind Turbine

AMD Introduces World’s Fastest High-End Desktop Processors With 3rd Gen Ryzen Threadripper Family: Delivering Unmatched Performance With No Compromises V

Chemists observe “spooky” quantum tunneling

Human reflexes keep two-legged robot upright V

Raspberry Pi Beginner’s Guide v3

Simplified 3D Printed Animatronic Dual Eye Mechanism V

Smart Building: Household Utility Monitoring System

Swarm of tiny drones explores unknown environments V

3D Printed Modular LED Wall V

5.8 Watt UV Box “The UV HotBox” V

A stretchable stopwatch lights up human skin

An electronic signal expands the material by a factor of 100 V

Analog Input on Raspberry Pi with MCP3008 V

Arduino Accessibility ‘Around Me’ Buttons & Switch Control Connected to Your Phone V

Arduino SCARA (Robot Arm): Ball Bearing Placer V

ATtiny Programmer for Arduino Uno

Build a Kubernetes Intelligent Edge Cluster on Raspberry Pi

Current Limit Solid State Power Switch with Latch V

DIY Drill Press Table and Fence V

Explorer Uno PCB Template

Fluid Bridge Rectifier

Fraunhofer begins setting up a new research facility for battery cell production

GLOBALFOUNDRIES and SiFive to Deliver Next Level of High Bandwidth Memory on 12LP Platform for AI Applications

Improving Membranes in Water Desalination with 3D Printed Feed Spacers

Infinity Mirror Coaster V

IoT: Log Sensor Data to Google Sheets using NodeMCU

‘Listening’ to engine blades to stop failures, disasters

Living Skin Can Now be 3D-Printed With Blood Vessels Included V

LoRa E32 Device for Arduino, ESP32 or ESP8266: Library

Low Cost DIY CNC Router V

NeoPixel Christmas Tree V

Next generation of watch springs

NTU Singapore researchers develop quantum communication chip 1,000 times smaller than current setups

NVIDIA Announces Jetson Xavier NX, World’s Smallest Supercomputer for AI at the Edge

Open Solar Project Controller

Overhead Camera Arm V

Photostructurable pastes for 5G applications

Project Silica proof of concept stores Warner Bros. ‘Superman’ movie on quartz glass V

Promising discovery could lead to a better, cheaper solar cell

Researchers Use 3D Printing to Make Glass Optical Fiber Preform

See-Through Matrix Clock V

Self-transforming robot blocks jump, spin, flip, and identify each other V

Sensitive MPU6050 Seismometer with Data Logger V


Smart Home Safety Monitor System using Arduino & Ubidots V

Sunrise Alarm Clock

Technique helps robots find the front door V

Transformative Electronics Systems to Broaden Wearable Applications V

Two-legged robot mimics human balance while running and jumping V

Use Arduino and a Button to Send Auto-responses to Your Phone! V

Voyager 2 Illuminates Boundary of Interstellar Space V

Wonders of 2D Materials & their 3D Nano-Architectures for Energy Storage

Pi Microscope V

30-minute Timer Alarm Clock V

97% Efficient DC to DC Buck Converter - 3A, Adjustable V

A Halloween 3D Printing Special: DIY Bleeding Doll Head Candles V

Atmospheric Air Analyser

ATtiny85 Pulse Oximeter and Photoplethysmograph

Build A Peltier Coaster To Keep Your Coffee Warm — Or Cold

Design and build a wireless laser engraver cum pen plotter using fusion 360 and 3D printing V

DIY Arduino Battery Capacity Tester - V2.0 V

DIY Aurduino LED Game

DIY Room Thermometer Using an OLED Module V

DIY Smart Glasses - Arduino/ESP V

Dr. Tape Head - Undead Media V

Face Changing Projection Mask - Be Anything V

Flash Synth V

Giant Analog CO2 Meter

Interactive Jack-o’-lantern V

LadyBug: a Motorized Microscope and 3D Scanner for Very Small Things, Made Almost Entirely Out of Blu-Ray Players V

LEDs and Gravity ? V

Marshmello LED Helmet V

MonochromeVGA V

Nokia 5110/3310 Monochrome LCD

Obstacle Avoider Robot

Reinventing the Wireless Plug With ESP8266

Room Temperature Based Fan Speed Control

Setting Up FreeRTOS From Scratch on STM32F407 Discovery Kit

Simple Arduino Watch

Sixi 2 V

Stanford increasing access to 3D modeling through touch-based display V

State Machine on Arduino - a Pedestrian Traffic Light V

The Beauty of Math - Conway’s Game of Life Art V