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Echo & Reverb Box

This build is based around a great little reverb module you can get on eBay for under $5. Ive used it now in a couple of projects (listed below) but this time I wanted to have a stand along reverb and echo effects box. You can use this in a whole bunch of different applications from a guitar pedal and Karaoke effects box to an effects module for DJs and synths.
I built mine primarily for my synths that I have been building over the last 18 months (check out my ible’ page for the synth builds). Adding echo gives my bleeps and bloops a whole other dimension. Ive also used it as a guitar pedal which produces a rich and beautiful sound. You could customise it even further to make it as a stand along guitar pedal very easily if you want to.
I brought 2 of these echo modules (I do each time I buy them, I usually kill one of them when I mess around with it!) as Im starting to build a modular synth and I want to add a reverb and echo board to it.
Projects I’ve used this module in
Sound Bending Synth
Dub Siren Synth”

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