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Just Another Garage Door Opener

Use of a Particle Argon to open/close a garage door with a Particle Xenon used as a mesh limit switch & smartphone control via Blynk app.

Well this is my first Project on Hackster. I have been playing with Particle Photons for a few years now, but everything has always been typically bench top tinkering. So this one I have finished and deployed so I thought I would share it with the community. There is already plenty of other Garage Door Openers listed on Hackster already, so this is my version.

I set out to build a Garage Door Controller that could be operated from a smartphone. I dislike carrying around more than I need to, so I was trying to eliminate the need for carrying house keys or a standalone garage opener. I had also just received my delivery of the Photon Argon and Xenon which had onboard Mesh Communications so I though I would pair them up with the Blynk iOS application and create a solution.”

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