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IOT Home Automation

Home Automation Using IOT & WiFi

Here In this project we are going to make an IOT based Home Automation system for our home to control the AC Electrical Appliances(In my case, one Cooler, one Tube Light, LED Bulb and one extension). So let’s get started.

1. Hardware Requirements
- Raspberry Pi Pico W
- 4-Channel Relay Module
- Micro-USB Cable
- Breadboard(MB102)
- Jumper Wires(M-T-M & M-T-F)
- DHT11 Temperature & Humidity Sensor
- 16x2 LCD
- I2C Module


- Screw Driver
- Card board box
- Cutter
- Vernier Calipers

2. Software Requirements

- Thonny(Python IDE for Beginners)
- MicroPython Firmware for Raspberry Pi Pico W(Latest)
- Blynk IOT Application”

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